Shahnawaz Associates Profile

Formal Architectural practice was established in 1981 by Shah Nawaz(Architect), Projects range from residences to high-rise buildings. Although the firm’s projects are diverse in type, they reflect a similar approach to resolving specific program requirements with a consistent focus on design, where regardless of project cost or type, there is a modern clarity brought to each design while maintaining a strong client identity and purpose.

Studio III a studio environment, in which an open atmosphere contributes to a spirited exchange of ideas. This atmosphere ensures the quality of all projects, as it encourages collaboration, practical experience, and shared project data. All architects on staff bring with them knowledge and experience from diverse backgrounds and are all capable of working on a variety of project types.

Shahnawaz (Architect) has produced documents for over one Thousand projects in the past 24 years. Resulting construction has created millions of square feet of architectural space that has inspired workers, inhabitants, and visitors to perform, live and experience design in new and dynamic ways. The firm has accomplished this volume of work, while maintaining its quality and purpose by consistently upgrading its skills and technology, using the same critical examination applied to the design process. Office technology includes the latest hardware and software, with advanced capabilities with 3D rendering and multimedia programs.

Our Approach

Our design approach seeks to create a richness of individual space while remaining sensitive to the qualities of light and the experience of moving through architecture. It includes recognizing the importance of the site and vernacular influences, while not succumbing to them. We bring a modern clarity to a set of ideas, while we honor an individual approach. In addition, we feel that it is important to clearly define the intended function of a place, while still creating a sense of anticipation from one space to another by the manipulation of natural and artificial light, and the careful detailing of materials.

Project commissions are based on a variety of project types and program requirements. We see this as a positive challenge, as we seek consistency in the process of design. An approach used in one project is often further developed or refined in the next. This may also lead to new avenues for exploration. During our firm’s 24 year evolution, projects have become larger, more diverse, and have allowed us more flexibility. Nevertheless, as we refine our aesthetic, we remain focused on continuing to develop a functional approach to design.

In all of our work, we select materials to evoke both stability and comfort, as well as maintain compatibility and affordability. We respect the nature of materials as an intrinsic part of the architecture. Materials are joined to create architectural forms, in which details are an integral part of the process. Details balance the architectural elements, articulating an individual sense of order in each project.

Our overall philosophy recognizes that, while working within the practical confines of assembling an architectural form, architecture should create a safe haven for one’s intellect and be a place of comfort. To create that sanctuary, often we find ourselves interpreting a client’s experience and criteria into a physical form. The memory of an event or the impression of an important occasion becomes the motivation for a design program. The five senses are critical as well, because through them, a sense of place is experienced and established. We strive to embody these physical experiences in the arrangement of volumetric space.

Masterplan of Faisalabad City

You can find the timeline of the development of the Masterplan of Faisalabad City below -as presented by Architect Shah Nawaz; the only private sector representative in the District Planning & Design Committee of Faisalabad.

Download the high-resolution file to go through the Masterplans

Version 1 : Masterplan
Version 2 : Masterplan (As Issued in Dec 2022)

Key Legends Marked by Architect Shah Nawaz on Masterplan V2 as under

Professional skills


Programming Design development Conceptual design Architectural production Design feasibility Construction documents/CAD Space planning Cost analysis Contract administration

Specifications /
Cost Estimation

Proposal and contract preparations Project budget analysis Material, equipment, and methods Bid consultation Construction cost analysis

Congresses, Trade Fairs, Events

Organization and realization of events and exhibitions Conception/design/layout Selection of location/process planning Agency service for personnel and artists Transport and logistics management On-site service Event technology/multimedia


Landscape is a powerful expression of image and identity. Shah Nawaz(Architect) harness the wonderful elements of nature: plants, water, stone, light, color, scent and weave them into cohesive landscapes for commercial, residential and leisure projects. Our teams are experts in master planning, landscape design and finishes, natural and ornamental planting, water features/pools, landscape buildings, and all aspects of site furnishings and special structures. Art, sculpture, signage and ornamental planting are carefully designed. Site functions such as circulation, access, infrastructure/services, drainage, irrigation and planning requirements are carefully planned. Our horticulturalists ensure all planting is selected suitable for the site and climatic conditions.

Interior Work

Conception and production of displays, objects, fittings and furniture consultation site measurement conception/design and execution planning (CAD) production in our own workshops (wood, metal and surface technologies) assembly Individual shop fittings and high-quality furniture can be produced for your company in our fully- equipped joiner’s workshop. Here, too we perform all the preliminary work, such as consulting, basic research, measuring, planning, conception etc.

Interior Design

Interior planning and design Space utilization planning Furnishings selection Material selection equipped joiner’s workshop. Here, too we perform all the preliminary work, such as consulting, basic research, measuring, planning, conception etc.

Graphics / Signage

With new techniques, materials and awareness, we explore new areas of graphic design. We design environmental graphics as an art form as well as a fundamental form of communication.
Our aim is to create lasting impressions, feelings and sensory messages that inspire the imaginations of the beholder. From 2 dimensional messages to 3-dimensional graphics statements, the boundaries between graphics, signage, architecture and sculpture are blurred to the point of total integration and intrigue.

Retail Design

Enter the new Retail bold, new world of lifestyles and experience.

Town Planning

Site selection Master planning Redevelopment Zoning consultation